Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Can I commit to writing a non-sneak-peek post every Tuesday? No. But at least monthly sounds good. I love the random memories that pop up from past ones (like here and here).

2. Whenever I leave for book club, my oldest book-lovin’ boy asks when he can start a book club. Then I saw a friend (yes, YOU, Lara!) post about her son’s book club through their local store (see more here---they even have badges!). Oh, the price we pay for living in a small town. But this is on my list now---we gotta make it happen in Moab.

aidan reading m&d's room

3. The first newborn of 2013 in Moab still has yet to be born. I consider this a small miracle because I was really able to focus on my boys during the break. And yet I’m still as behind as ever---if I was caught up, it would be a huge miracle.

4. Two friends and I exchange Best of Letters every year. Best movies, music, books, memories and our resolutions/goals for the new year. The new year does not start for me until my letter is written. Which means my 2013 is likely to begin in February. I’ll be sharing excepts here…once I write it!

5. February will also be the anniversary of DOK Photography. I want to celebrate with a different giveaway each week in February! I ♥ giveaways and am overly-excited about my own!

6. There are lots of things that bring out my insecurity or that can make me feel inferior (hello---I live in the land of mountain climbers and marathon runners!), but reading blogs is not one of them. I’m always a bit surprised when I hear people talk about feeling bad because they compare themselves to people online. I read blogs that inspire me, that give me what I used to get from my amazing colleagues in Rm. 83 at Crater High School---food for thought. If you are being brought down by reading blogs instead of lifted up, stop reading them---but also consider this:



7. Speaking of inspiring blogs, I’ve been a reader of Elise Blaha’s for a long time. She inspires me with her creativity, her healthy living, her focus on her marriage. She’s way younger than I am, yet I’m always learning from her. LOVED her recent post on the difference between goals and to-dos. I admitted to some friends recently that I keep a weekly check-list of basic things that I need to do. They were perplexed by the idea and one said “Wouldn’t you just do all that normally?” But I love my checklist. It gives me a visual reminder and gives me head space for what Elise calls “the bonus stuff.” It also helps ensure my boys have clean socks to wear.

8. In December, Holly Clouse featured me on her Small Business Friday series. Her interview was so sweet---and gave me a chance to talk about all my favorite things (my parents, saying no as a business owner, even books & movies!). I’ve been meaning to post a link to it ever since---so check it out here. My ten favorite shots of 2012 are featured there too. If you check it out, please leave a comment there letting me know which one you like best!

9. I wrote in this space last summer about hitting it big at the Salt Lake flea market. I take irrational pride in having been able to keep our giant score of Lincoln Logs hidden until we gave them to Nolan on Christmas morning. How proud my mother would have been! Like her, my inability to delay gratification applies not only to opening gifts but to giving them as well. Nolan and Sean went to town building a town with them the next day:

2012 12 26_lincolnlogs

10. Tomorrow is Nolie’s first day back to preschool. I probably think whatever age he’s at is the best age, but four really is a wonder. So funny, so affectionate, so enthused about everything. He went up to the mountain with his dad, grandmother and brothers to sled, but was more interested in a snow cave his dad built. Sunday we hit the hill at the golf course with his buddies, and Nolie couldn’t get enough of the it. Back of home, as I heated up the kettle, he said, “Isn’t today the best day ever?” He says that about three times a week. Seriously the best kid ever.

2012 01 01_Nolie on the mountainweb

(and thanks to my MIL Marilyn for taking & sharing the above shot.)


  1. Oh, this post makes me so happy : ) Love the Best of Letters--I'm working on a series of those posts for my blog right now. And you can DEFINITELY do a book club--Maddie's school book club is one of my most favorite things. We have about 9 families that come to the public library once a month and it is fantastic.

    1. How fun to find a comment from my Ten on Tuesday role model:) I can't wait to read your best of series. I'm sure your song list will contribute to my best of 2013 (I'm always a year or two behind!).

      And thank you for the idea of the library as a meeting place or sponsor. I presented the idea to our local bookstore and the owner was less than enthused. Great idea!

  2. Stopping by your blog to check out your simple things post - and honestly I just had to comment on this one instead. I REALLY needed the quote about insecurity today - so THANK YOU! I'm printing it off as a reminder. :)

  3. Julie, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. So happy that quote spoke to you:)


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