Monday, February 4, 2013

DOK Photography Giveaway Celebration!

On February 13th last year, I photographed my first client, Lydia.


Almost a year later, she’s still one of my favorites.

I’m so grateful to all the parents who allowed me to capture a few moments with their newborn child. I’m grateful to all the people who hired me to capture their families in a moment in time. I want to celebrate this month with a series of giveaways---some specifically for past clients and some open to all, with prizes small, silly and big.

We’ll start today with the first of five giveaways! Yay---this is so fun for me!

First up is an 18x24 of Kelly Rae Robert’s special edition of Brene Brown’s Parenting Manifesto from Daring Greatly.


These are now sold-out, though they will hopefully become available again soon. All the proceeds went to Charity: Water, which made my heart happy. Brene Brown is becoming a household name, which makes my heart even more happy---she was recently on the Today show, and her book, Daring Greatly, is #1 New York Times Best-Seller. I admit, I’m a little proud to have been celebrating her humor and wisdom back in this post, Random bits, in 2008 (who are those cute little boys?). You can read Brene’s story of how she came to write the manifesto here. She describes it as a touchstone. For me it highlights the core of parenting---that the biggest impact on your children will not be how long you breastfed or what your screen-time rules were but this: “how I treat you and how I treat myself.”

And if you haven’t discovered Kelly Rae Roberts yet, you are in for a treat. She is an artist, an author, and has the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen. Her work and her words radiate hope and joy.

My favorite line from the manifesto admits that we always want to take away our children’s pain, but that really isn’t what they need from us. Adults who have lived pain-free childhoods have little resilience when reality hits. I’m constantly reminding myself that my job isn't to protect my children from all pain, but to give them the strength and resilience to meet life's pain and move on and find joy.

Enter to win a copy of the Parenting Manifesto!

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to Like the DOK Photography Facebook Page.

Then, leave a comment below with your favorite parenting touchstone.

Good luck! Comments will close on Wednesday, February 13th at 10 PM Mountain Time. A random winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

And this Wednesday, Feb. 6th, I’ll be giving a way a gift worth $75 to one of my past clients. And on Friday, a baby edition of Project Life. I can’t wait!


  1. My submission:

    I will teach you the value of the truth. To live truthfully is to live freely, free from shame, free from guilt, free from fear and open to love.

  2. Let her sleep; for when she wakes, she will move mountains.

  3. "I will love you unconditionally. In doing so, under no condition, will I ever stop loving you!" Said by a very amazing woman that I grew very fond of.


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