Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: week #6, 2013

2013 02 05_0237sean

This little guy has made the leap, from beginning reader to independent reader. Sean came home from school on Tuesday, holding this book in the air and announcing, “I read my first book!”

He’s read hundreds of books, but this one was different. A book he chose (under his older brother’s influence), and read all on his own. A book he couldn’t finish in one sitting, a book he carried with him every day so he could read it on the bus or in any spare minute.

My first “real” book was The Secret Garden. I remember the exact feeling that Sean was announcing---like I had traveled beyond the space-time continuum by entering the world of a book on my own. Finishing it, I felt like I had completed a rite of passage toward adulthood.

Do you remember yours?

This post is part of Rebecca Cooper’s Simple Things Sunday series, which she describes as “taking the time to photograph the everyday details…to enjoy the beauty in the ordinary and to be reminded of just how important the simple things are.”


  1. No idea what my first chapter book was, DOK, but I do enjoy your ruminations, particularly the Simple Things series. Dzhon

    1. Dzhon, I love having you in my corner. Thanks for the encouragement.


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