Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

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1. Yesterday our puppy turned one (or seven in dog years). My boys never pass up any chance for a party (they’re already planning Duke’s “adoption day” in April), so there were cakes and presents, and Duke’s friend Kessel joined in the fun.

web 2013 02 04 Duke's 1st bdayweb 2013 02 04 Duke and Kessel

2. “If I had a smartphone” is a phrase I say so often that I’m actually starting to believe I should get one. My friend Jenny has me almost convinced I’m better off without one. But…if I had an iphone, the first app I would buy is this one. I think the coolest thing would be to record one second a day during your newborn’s first year and then watch the short video of them all on his or her birthday!

3. Aidan has an amazing teacher this year, who combines the structure he needs to do well with the warmth he needs to want to do well. They’re taking a class trip to Boston this spring as a tie-in to their study of the American Revolution and early colonies. Recently their assignment was to compare Plymouth, Saint Augustine and Jamestown. Yawn, right? But they were to show their understanding with illustrations (in Aidan’s case, this of course meant comic strips) and could use humor. Humor + drawing = Aidan’s dream assignment

web2013 01 11_1117jamestown

4. My newest obsession: Humans of New York. I ♥ street photography in general, but there is something so much more up-close and engaging in Brandon’s shots. And that combination of words+photos makes all the difference. I want to start a similar project here in Moab. Any local photographers interested, please shoot me an email!

5. Thanks to Brian’s cousin Barb and her Christmas gift of 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up, Aidan is now growing a Mold Garden. Yes, mold. I am going to spare you the photo.

6. On Saturday mornings the boys are allowed to pick a Netflix kids’ movie so Bri and I can sleep in. I walked out to find them watching “The Secret of Kells.”Be still my heart. When it was over, the boys were thrilled to find two books with more illustrations about the Book of Kells on our shelf (thank you, Jeff Burritt, for that long ago gift of How the Irish Saved Civilization).


7. I’m determined to take this essay to heart and be less busy in 2013.

8. Karen Russell, photographer and teacher, shared a fun idea for Valentine’s Day: a Get Out of Trouble Free Card. I’m planning to give each of our boys one with some chocolate---the question is, will they remember where they put them the day they land in trouble?

9. Along with Karen, Tara Whitney has been the photographer I’ve followed (stalked) online for years. She’s also a gifted thrift store treasure-finder and had a yard sale this weekend. My sister lives nearby so I sent her the info and not only did she score some vintage treasures, but sent me a photo of her with my Photog Hero. Big sisters are the best!

10. You have a good chance to win Brene Brown’s Parenting Manifesto by commenting on yesterday’s post. And tomorrow evening there will be a special giveaway post just for past clients!

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