Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Guess who got an iPhone?

Nope, guess again.

Brian did, via work. This has only made me want one more. A local mom sent me her phone number so she could see a photo of a stroller we’re selling. I couldn’t understand the connection at first and then realized she assumed I was living in the 21st Century and could take a photo with my phone.

I sense a new tradition for 10 on Tuesday---at least one of the 10 being about my not having an iPhone until that magical day arrives…when I get one get over it.

2. Have you heard of Eye-Fi? I love the idea of WiFi uploading images without my having to remember or do anything. We have a point & shoot that I often forget to upload. Brian used it when he took the Bigs snowboarding last month, and I just discovered the photos this week. Sweet surprise!

web2013 01 20_powershot_0119_edited-1

3. I’m going to to print this quote out to read every day. I believe I’m a good listener, but I’m a terrible interrupter and those are mutual exclusive traits, right? It’s one of the things I like least about myself. I blame my sisters because we all talk over each other and there is a wonderful rhythm to it---we think at the same fast pace and can finish each other’s sentences. But outside of 256 Myrtle, that doesn’t work so well. I’m learning. Slowly.


4. How is it I never heard or read The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski until now? A new favorite poem.

5. I’m wild about the photo project called You Are My Wild. So much every day inspiration.

6. Have you cast your Oscar Predictions yet? If not, head over to my post and add your votes in the comments (there’s a prize!)  If you want to prepare for the full ballot on Oscar night, or just be entertained by loveliness, you can watch all the short animation nominees here.

7. Aidan & Sean want to sign up for 101 activities, everything from spring soccer to school newspaper to Taiko drumming. I don’t know who Priscella Gilman is (I think I landed on her site for her interview with Katrina Kenison which is also very good), but I loved her interview with Madeline Levine on parenting---and her point on the value of unstructured time for children: “People need time to craft a sense of self.  The most protective thing you can have in life is a robust internal sense of self.  One activity is more than enough.”

8. My valentine, who has no tolerance for musicals, took me to see “Les Miserables” last Thursday, at the very last showing before it left town.This was the equivalent of him selling his pocket watch to buy combs for my hair, only if O. Henry’s heroine didn’t bother to cut her hair but gave him a t-shirt instead. Albeit this very cool t-shirt by Moab Wonder Boy Chad Niehaus:


I think he’ll enjoy wearing it to state fire meetings.

9. I plan to show the boys a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical every time Brian goes out of town to ensure they have a higher tolerance.

10. I started reading Zen Habits back when Leo was goal-oriented and offering small hacks to organization. His work has grown to a minimalistic art form, and I love his recent list, Advice to My Kids.


  1. Love that quote, Deirdre, I might put that up on my FB. And I'm not in the 21st Century either, wouldn't an iPhone be fun?! :)

    1. Holly, it made my day to hear I'm not the last person without an iPhone:)

  2. Love the pic of Aidan snowboarding, mb I should let my kids try it. Loved #3 Jane would have totally fit in at 256 Myrtle but her brothers don't understand. How did we marry such patient men who listen to us?

  3. Love the William S. Porter shout-out. FWIW, iPhone is lovely, but iPad is better unless you make *a lot* of traditional (video-less) phone calls (which you can also do with an iPad--you just look a little silly while doing it). May be a peculiarity of my situation, but I can go weeks without using a phone, but use my iPad daily, for reading, surfing, gaming, whatever-ing. iPad "FaceTime" is now the (free!) default for talking with the 'rents.


    1. I had to google William S Porter to find out O.Henry's real name:) Always learning things from you, Dzhon!

      After using Bri's iphone to receive photos/texts during the Oscar's broadcast, I think it would be dangerous for me. My work requires so much screen time, I'm glad I'm not sneaking peeks at my phone while with my boys.


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