Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 on Tuesday at 10 at night

1. It will be a small miracle if I get this posted today. But, because my to-do list is a mile long and I need to be CLEANING, all I wanna do is blog.

The need to scrub a bathroom has that effect on me.

2. My dad is coming on Friday! Hooray! My mother-in-law is arriving TOMORROW (see #1), and my soul sisters from San Francisco and Flagstaff (and their families) are joining us to celebrate Sean, who will be turning 8 on Monday and making his First Communion on Sunday. Three Hoorays!

File0487Bri communion first

3. I love traditions, and I am so very grateful family and friends are gathering for this rite of passage in Sean’s journey of faith. I’m making a promise to myself right now not to stress out about what isn’t done or however I see myself falling short compared to the phantom idea in my head of how to be a good host, because I really want to soak in just getting to be with each of these people.


4. Speaking of faith, Seth Godin had a wonderful take on being brought up with a lot of faith in a non-religious family during his interview with Krista Trippet on NPR’s On Being.

5. Getting to listen to a good podcast is one of the only things that motivates me to clean (see #1).

6. I don’t even attempt to keep up with my favorite blogs, so I never consider myself behind. I just stop in when I can and peek around for what I missed. Elise has a lovely, inspiring blog, and recently posted a wonderful piece on the unexpected parts of pregnancy (in her case, gestational diabetes).  Since so many of you are mommas waiting for your baby to arrive, I’d love for you to read it. Here’s my favorite part:
But the good news is, I am over the Plan. I am beyond worrying and stressing and worst-case scenario-ing. This baby has been prayed for and planned for and dreamed about for years. Of course I will continue to fight for her and fight for us; the moment I knew she was coming I signed an invisible, but binding contract to do whatever I could to get her here safely. Prick my finger? Any time. Drink 100g of glucose and throw up in front of a waiting room full of people? Happy to. Give up dessert? Obviously. Put a giant red X through "the ideal situation" and embrace our situation? Done and done. Relax my Type A tendencies today, tomorrow and delivery day? Check, check, check. Trust in my body & my baby? Absolutely.
7. Remember when I said I should whine about wanting an iPhone in every 10onTuesday post here? Well, there’s a rumor going ‘round. We shall see. (Which means, send me all your favorite app recommendations in case the rumor’s true!)

8. Have you already seen this article from the Deseret News that has made the rounds on Facebook? I don’t even have a smart phone, but I was not a fan of this piece. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly---my “one little word” this year is PRESENT so I felt like I “should” like it but perhaps that word “should” captures the whole condescending tone of the article. There have been several responses online, with this one being my favorite: Dear Mom on the iphone (another perspective) by Ashlee.

Yes, we all need to disengage from screens, but even more we all need compassion for each other. You never know the whole story of what someone else is dealing with today.

9. Our hearts and prayers are with Boston and all of the people effected by the random violence yesterday. Remember that Ebert quote about what makes us cry more than cruelty? Kindness. Watching the footage yesterday, I was so moved by the police officers who were on the scene and who immediately moved toward those who were hurt. I am so in awe of people whose first response isn’t just “how can I get out of here?!” but “how can I help?” The senseless violence is heartbreaking, but my tears were for the heart-building, for the compassion of strangers toward each other.

I hope I can carry that same attitude with me---to have even a bit of that in the small moments, when annoyed by tourists driving in our town or impatient at our crowded grocery store. “How can I help?” is a refrain I want in my head.

Sean on his 1st birthday

10. It will be quiet on the blog for the next week (see #2)---check back next week for a recap of our wild and crazy Sean-celebration (that’s him on his 1st birthday above *sigh*), and for some exciting Mother’s Day news!

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