Thursday, April 4, 2013

Behind the Lens with KaLeigh Welch



Welcome to the third in our Behind the Lens series, which features a different local photographer each season. I hope you enjoy getting to know KaLeigh Welch as much as I have.  Even though I’m at least 10 years older than KaLeigh, we have a lot in common, beyond our shared affection for the same lens and chocolate! She has a magic touch with seniors, and is sure to become an expert in newborn photography after she welcomes her very own first child this year! 


How did your passion for photography start/develop?

While my husband was in the military I was always surrounded by young beautiful mommas-to-be and was inspired to help them capture those maternity moments. I started out with a black sheet, Sony point and shoot, and PICASA in the back bedroom of our house. Slowly what developed was a passion for helping people capture memories that they could look back on for the rest of their lives.

ZW0A0864WOR2 copy

What’s one of your most recent or favorite photo purchases?

I just purchased a Canon 5d Mark III. It is amazing! The image quality is superb!

What brought you to Moab?

Born and raised! I have traveled to some amazing places but I always say that Moab is the most breath taking. I love the diversity in landscape and people. I couldn’t choose a better place for my own little family to grow.

ZW0A0980WOR2 copy

What’s something you wish you had known when you first started your business?

Not to buy a Camera Kit! For portraits I love my Canon 50mm 1.4. If I had to choose this would be the only lens I own.

What is your favorite kind of photo shoot?

Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! I could shoot them all day every day! I love getting the chance to help them show their personality in their portraits. They want to look good and they are so full of life and willing to do and try anything new!

IMG_5059-2 copy

What’s an area of photography where you have seen yourself grow?

An area of photography I have seen myself grow is lighting techniques and editing and I am still growing. I love rays of sunshine in the afternoon. For me a ray of light through the shot makes it perfect!

If you could photograph any individual living or deceased, who would it be & why?

My Grandpa Jim for sure, he passed away in 2001. I didn’t get enough time with him in this life and would love to have captured his personality if only to spend one photo session with him. He was a great man and I wish I would have known him better.

IMG_8857 copy

What are some of the creative ways you’ve found to juggle being a mother/business owner/photographer in Moab?

Well juggling…. I am about to find out about all of that! We just found out the happy news that we are having our first wee one due on October 7th! So please any tips that you have for juggling mother/business owner/photographer and full-time employee…please share! It’s going to take work but I will find a way to do it all.

IMG_4957-2 copy

If you were having your family photographed, what location in Moab would you choose?

Hmmm….that’s a tuffy. Do I have to choose? For this one I am going to say the wet lands preserve in some tall grasses during the golden light. There are just too many to choose from, I dislike even having to say! LOL

Random facts about KaLeigh:

Favorite sweet treat: Chocolate

Favorite song to play loud in your car: Too many!

Three things that always make you happy: my hubby, a movie and food!

Thank you, KaLeigh, for sharing your perspective and your beautiful images with us. You can learn more about KaLeigh by visiting her Facebook page and see more of her work at KaLeigh Welch Photography.


Behind the Lens graphic created with Kirstin Cronin-Barrow’s Going Places kit. You can learn about other photographers in our Behind the Lens series here.  If you are a local photographer and interested in being featured in our Behind the Lens series, please contact me via this link. Thanks!

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