Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: Week#13, 2013

web our boys at matheson

I hope my boys will remember the day I lied and told them they had dentist appointments. I picked them up early from school, and Nolan announced “April Fools!” We went to Milt’s and ate hamburgers outside instead, and then took ice cream cones with us to Matheson Nature Preserve where they hiked a bit, had sword fights with sticks, and told stories.

I wish there were more days like this one. And in the far off future, when they think of me and remember being nagged to eat with their mouth closed, or my admonitions to put things away, my impatience or my worst moments, I hope they also remember these moments, when I was able to surprise them a little.

Mostly, I hope they remember how happy I was just being with them.

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