Friday, May 31, 2013

Cael | Moab Baby Portraits Photographer

Cael Moab baby photographer

Sweet Cael. I’m tempted to break tradition and name this post JOY because that is what this boy and his sweet mama make me think of every time I look at these portraits.

I’ve been wanting to post this sneak peek for weeks now---and because I have a long list of things that HAVE to get done tonight, I’ve decided to blow off my urgent list and finally share these. Because we could all use a little joy, couldn’t we?

baby toddler portrails Moab Utah

Yes, of course he’s gorgeous with a beauty like that for a mother, but the fire in this boy! Pure light and pure joy too.

photo of baby in Moab Utah

Deirdre O. Keating photography

view from below Baby Photography Moab Utah

 Cael at 9 months by Deirdre O. Keating Photography

I adored spending time with this little guy. I admit, I’d forgotten just how busy a nine-month-old can be! But the best part for me was witnessing that mama-and-her-boy connection. So beautiful to see that same delight, that same abundant love at nine months that I see in the first days of motherhood. At nine months into parenthood, you know how not-easy it’s gonna be. At nine months, you can’t just impose who you think your child will be ---because by that age who your child really is----has shown up.

mother and child photography by Deirdre O. Keating

Maybe that’s why this particular shoot has stayed with me so. None of the naiveté of those early first days, but still so much love and joy. I am so moved when I meet parents who get it---that this moment is fleeting, that this time with this child who will grow up is a gift. Being with parents who get that always helps me “get it” more myself and I come home eager to relish the journey beside my own boys.

Mother and child on the footpath photo by Deirdre O. Keating

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