Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shooting Through Glass

Leave it to a challenge circle to get me back on the blogging bandwagon. I have three posts sitting in my drafts folder, but they can wait. Today I am joining up with a group of photographers I admire to share our responses to this month's challenge: shooting through glass.

April was a whirlwind with nine out-of-town guests and so many good things, including several newborns to photograph, that I had little time for experimenting.

There was one subject that I knew I'd have ample opportunity to capture through glass: DUKE our dog.

Duke is a Labrador Retriever, i.e. he LOVES people. I am often lulled into thinking that he's perfectly trained, as he seems content to follow me to the mailbox each day, to chase whatever ball I throw, to come when called. All that training, however, goes out the window and out of Duke's head when another person is introduced. Not even introduced---it can be a complete stranger getting out of a car halfway down our block and then Duke is off. "New Person To Adore!" I imagine him thinking. When I call him back home, he looks at me like I'm the stranger and speaking in a language only cats must use.

Worse, when the new person is actually a friend entering our house, Duke shows his submission with what our boys refer to as his "happy pee." Our guests and their shoes get a shower of submission. So, our solution has been to keep Duke out back when people come to the door or stop by.

After a couple minutes of whining, Duke will resign himself to the unfair nature of life but eventually, out of the corner of my eye, I'll catch this interloper at our living room window:

To see how much-more-talented photographers with less amusing dogs interpreted Shooting Through Glass, head over to Janecke's site and then follow the circle all the way back here!


  1. Pooooooor Duke! I had to laugh at your description because it sounds so much like my 2.

  2. Love Labradors! Adorable dog, so funny how he looks trough the door, you can almost read 'let me in, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase'.

  3. Lol! He looks so sad looking through the window. I wish we knew what dogs were thinking.

  4. What a sweet puppy! He is adorable!


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