Thursday, June 27, 2013

Five on Thursday

Hello again.

If you’re still here, I thank you!

I have three sessions awaiting sneak peeks, and dozens of posts written in my head. I honestly thought I’d have more time this summer for blogging and other projects. Ha! I’m not complaining though. The boys are trying to pack everything they love into these too-few weeks of summer, and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

Below is a 10 on Tuesday post I started three weeks ago…but I only got to #5. Less is more, right?

1. May kicked my butt. Aidan traveled to Boston, I switched a few gears professionally, we hosted family and threw a big party, and then instead of slowing down to recover from all of that, the final weeks were packed to the brim. I needed to feel some sense of perspective over the summer so we put together a color-coded, nerdy-as-can-be, calendar of everything that is planned for this summer. I love it. Now we can see the white space where nothing is planned and protect it. And when August 15 (the 15th? What happened to school starting AFTER Labor Day?) surprises us, at least we’ll know where the summer went.

2. I love blogs. I haven’t had much time to catch up on them lately, but they are better than any magazine subscription ever. I used to rip out articles and stick them in files, but blogs move me to do something today. Like the photo on Ali Edwards’ post today that motivated me to pack my good camera for swim lessons.

web2013 06 11_3boys at the pool

3. I’m about to finish a project that didn’t have a due date. One of many takeaways from this project: I need due dates. I wish I could be someone who would just say, “Hmm, I’ll go work on that project that isn’t due now.” But I’m not. Urgent rules over the important often. It didn’t help that it was a heart-breaking project. Lots of gratitude to Brian for taking the boys swimming and giving me the quiet I needed to get it done.

4. Other projects, that don’t require quiet, are best done with a podcast for company. Have I shared here before how much I LOVE podcasts?

I don’t watch TV during the summer, mainly because I feel fidgety sitting when there is so much to be done---and because Homeland & Parenthood won’t be on until the fall. But I love listening to a podcast while cooking, or emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry. My most recent discovery is The Simple Mom podcast. I’m slowly listening to all the episodes with Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky as a cohost with Tsh Oxenreider. Funny and inspiring, exactly what I like in podcast.

If you have a favorite podcast, I’d love to hear it!

5. Lots of comic-book writing and drawing going on here, in between baseball games and swim lessons and water-gun battles.

 web2013 06 04_sean's drawing of the future

The Future by Sean. Notice he has a beard in the future and red hair. Aidan is “rich and lives in a building named AOK because he owns it” and that’s Nolan waving from college colij. I love how our house, snug between the skyscrapers, resembles Burton’s classic, The Little House.

When I pointed out to Sean that “market” was misspelled , he said, “That’s how it’s spelled in the future, Mom.”

That’s all for now. I do hope to be back more often.

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