Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ella | Moab Newborn Photographer

It’s good to be back. I took a step back from the blog and even photography at the end of May. The combination of a husband who fights forest fires, and therefore leaves unexpectedly during the summer, and three boys in need of some adventures necessitated scaling back. It’s been lovely, but I admit I’ve missed this space.

I have a few sneak peeks to catch up on, and plan to post more regularly in August. Look from some guest post from those adventure-seeking boys too.

sweet newborn moab utah

Beautiful Ella was a delight to photograph.  Since transitioning from in-hospital newborn shoots to in-home, I’ve discovered what a difference a few days can make. It is still essential to photograph your newborn within the first week or ten days after birth if you want to capture certain womb-like poses. I’d much rather err on the side of too soon than too late. But everyone is happier at home, especially after nursing/feedings have found a rhythm.

mother and child by Deirdre O. Keating

I love beautiful newborns, but what makes my heart come alive are photos that capture the connection between loved ones. I’m so thrilled that Ella will always have this photograph of herself in her mother’s arms.

newborn photography in Moab

Could these girls be any cuter?

moab newborn photographer

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