Monday, July 15, 2013

Photo+Quote | July Blog Hop

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James

Each month a group of photography friends and I interpret a famous quote through images we have captured. I believe the beauty in James’ beloved phrase, summer afternoon, relies on the luxury of time. This month I sought to capture moments that basked in summer’s wealth of time.

2013 06 11_1316

2013 06 11_1371 reading at the pool

Time to splash and freak your mom out with your fearlessness in water. Time to read and enjoy an apple during a break at the pool.

2013 06 13_1529 aidan drawing

Time to draw and use up all the printer paper your heart desires.

2013 07 12_1860 OCP sprinklers

Time to run in sprinklers.

2013 06 30_1480 mario kart race

Time for epic brotherly races on the Wii.

2013 07 10_1809 sean's last game of 2013

Time for one more baseball game.

2013 07 10_nolie and hawaiian ice

And time to celebrate the end of baseball with the best cool treat of summer.

For a glimpse of how Aidan & Sean celebrated summer five years ago, click here.

Photo+Quote is a monthly series that I’m using to dig deeper into my own archives. On the 15th of every month we are challenged to pair a chosen quote with photographs.You can see how the other photographers in the series interpreted this month’s quote by following the blog hop to Brad Jolly of Mephis, Tennessee.


  1. Oh how fun!! Looks like you guys are having a great summer so far!

  2. You have really captured your kids' Summer perfectly! Wished we had been doing this all along in our family. I guess I need to do that with the remainder of it before school starts back. Great images, Deidre!

  3. A perfect summer - great captures!

  4. Looks like your boys are having a wonderful summer! I completely agree, the beauty of summer lies within the luxury of time.

  5. Wonderful, as always. Our summer hasn't properly started here yet - the children finish school next week - but we have had a hot, dry spell so we've been enjoying some magical pool / barbeque moments too! I can't wait for the holidays and the luxury of time...
    Mary xxx


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