Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AOK’s THREE Awesome Sauce books of 2012

Editor’s Note: Confession time. Aidan wrote this post…a while ago. Back when “awesome sauce” was the phrase of the day in our home. Back when his mom was writing a series of Best of 2012 posts as well. And then…somehow…it was never posted. Today he worked on a new post about books, and went looking for this one, and we discovered my mistake that it was still waiting in the draft’s folder.

So, at long last, here’s Aidan’s best of 2012 Books. His summaries read like book promos, I know, but they are 100% Aidan, as is the punctuation (or lack thereof).

These are some of my favorite books of the year 2012: 

The Accidental Hero (Jack Blank Adventure) by: Matt Myklusch 

jack blank books

Summary: All Jack Blank knows is the dreary world of his orphanage. But that all changes when when two characters straight out of the comic world invade Jack’s life. The first is a indestructible half human, half robot creature that’s all bad that tries to to blow him up.The second is an android that whisks him off to to the Imagine Nation,the place where all imaginary things originate-including Jack. Unfortunately, Jack is infected with a Rustov parasite that will change him into one of the robot/human monsters that tried to attack him. Fortunately, Jack is the first ever to survive. With the help of some new friends, Skerren  & Allegra, he tries to uncover a mystery concerning the Rustov  and uncovers a horrible secret about his future.      

          My Response: I think this is an AWESOME SAUCE book with lots of action and humor. The end is SCARY and horrifying… but I'm not telling! :-)  

NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society (Book One)



By: Michael Buckley

Summary: Calling all nerds! The N.E.R.D.S. series is about a team of ordinary 5-grade dweebs.


How exciting.

But this awkward band of misfits is much more than what meets the eye.Welcome to N.E.R.D.S. (National Espionage, Rescue & Defense Society), a team of 11-year-old superspies with space-age tech at their fingertips and being able to turn their social weaknesses into superpowers.They face all kinds of dangerous villains (and some super ones!)…every weekday.

My Response:if you ever wanted a good adventure with with lots of action and humor, this is an AWESOME SAUCE book series for nerds of all ages!

The Zombie Chasers

When Zack Clarke’s neighbors disappear, he doesn’t think to much about it. When Zack’s sister, Zoe, and all but one of her fellow lipstick goons disappear, he gets a little worried. But when he sees a walking corpse smash through his front door, well…it doesn't take long for Zack to realize himself, his best friend, Rice Johnson, and queen-of-mean Madison Miller are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. With the world on the line, they have to save everyone…

That is, if they can survive each other first!

My Response: this is a major creep-over AWESOME SAUCE

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