Friday, August 9, 2013

Harry Potter Retrospective: Part 2 by Sean

The 2nd book is called Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

When I read it: in the fall of 2010, right after we finished the first book!

What it’s about: A legendary snake escapes its chamber when Harry finds a secret & magic journal that tells him about Tom Riddle & the snake. Hermione gets frozen. There is a new teacher, Professor Lockhart, who is ridiculous. The secret journal takes over  Ron’s little sister Ginny! Dobby is a new character who tries to help Harry but usually does the opposite.

My favorite part: is when Harry fights the Basilisk, the snake, and its tooth comes out when it bites Harry.

Sean’s Score: 10!  We already have been introduced to Hogwarts and the wizard world, so there isn’t as much description. There’s more story and action in this book, and Tom Riddle makes it very creepy and interesting. We meet Moaning Myrtle in this book, and get to know Hagrid a lot more.

Movie Review:10 again!  First, the movie is a lot faster than the book. And so many parts of the book are funnier (or gross) in the movie---like when Ron has slugs coming out of him, or when the Whomping Willow attacks the car.

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