Monday, September 2, 2013

Motion Blur Challenge

Motion blur is the challenge from the Clickin’ Moms circle this month.

I had great intentions to set up my tripod and capture the boys riding their bikes by in a blur and Aidan shooting basketballs that became a blur…but life happens, and none of those plans happened.

Still, I appreciate how the challenge forces me to break out my photographic comfort zone and experiment a bit.

Deirdre O. Keating Photography

Sean volunteered for the first experiment. He’s just started playing the violin. I wanted to capture his face in focus but his arm in a blur of movement. His teacher would be scandalized by this form here, but he was fiddling away!


I’ve wanted to shoot with this van as a backdrop for ages. This past Saturday, on our way home from Aidan’s KZMU gig, I finally stopped. Aidan was kind enough to jump in front of it for some cool blur.

web wipeout motion blur

Most of the time I prefer a higher shutter speed with a wider aperature, in hopes of avoiding blur. But intentional motion blur can capture a sense of movement and play---as in the above shot from a few summers ago, and the shot below, of the boys laughing to a Snoopy holiday special.

web laughing

One more---my favorite motion blur subject: sparklers!

web sparklers

Please continue through the blog circle to see how other photographers interpreted the challenge, starting with Maggie Saunders of Texas and her post on Motion Blur.


  1. Deirdre, these are great! The motion blur really captures the action of the moment.

  2. I love the first image of your son playing. All the images are cool showing great action and energy! xx


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