Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo + Quote | October Blog Hop

"Be who you are and say what you feel,

because those who mind don't matter,

and those who matter, don't mind."

-Dr. Seuss.

Each month a group of photography friends and I interpret a famous quote through images we have captured. Here’s a confession, and I hope you won’t hold it against me:

I really don’t enjoy Dr. Seuss. (*gasp*)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a work of perfection, agreed. I stand in awe of his writing and rhyming in that one. But the stories with more nonsense words than real ones, the sheer length of some of his plot-less stories, and his funky illustrations all wear me down. Doesn’t The Cat in the Hat freak you out just a little?

Well, I know I’m in the minority in this one. I appreciate the impact Dr. Seuss had on children’s literature, and the life-lessons in several of his works. I haven’t let my own distaste deter my children from enjoying him. The first book Nolan could read from memory was Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? I love the Dr. Seuss-themed quilt his grandmother made him. I even threw him a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday this year.

nolan's 5th bday collageweb2013 03 11_1894_edited-1web2013 03 11_1948_edited-1bday collage2

So forgive me if I slip There’s a Wocket in my Pocket to the back of the bookcase in hopes of never reading it again.

Hopefully Dr. Seuss was right, and those who matter won’t mind… that I’m not a fan.

Photo+Quote is a monthly series that I’m using to dig deeper into my own archives. On the 15th of every month we are challenged to pair a chosen quote with a photograph.You can see how the other photographers in the series interpreted this month’s quote by following the blog hop to Pam Parasi of P Squared Studios.


  1. Maura Barrett Schoo Also not a fan of Dr. Seuss! Love that quilt though!
    October 15 at 9:22am · Like

    Deirdre O'Malley Keating I'm so relieved to hear a librarian admit that too, Maura Barrett Schoo!
    October 15 at 9:56am · Like · 1

    Brooke Newsom No judgement here! But there is something really great about his imagination. For people like me, silliness (even whole books of made up words) is refreshing. Dr. Seuss rarely fails to make me smile, or even chuckle. We have a whole reading center in my Boys & Girls Club that is Dr. Suess themed and I love going in there!
    October 15 at 11:09am via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Faye Geiger I agree that The Cat in the Hat is totally unsettling. It made me feel really anxious as a kid.
    October 15 at 12:34pm · Unlike · 1

    Kari Han oh no! i love him! there are probably 4 books of his entire anthology that i would leave out, but in general he is one of my favorites. (one fish two fish is soooo long!). but seeing your honesty is refreshing.
    October 15 at 12:54pm · Unlike · 1

    Deirdre O'Malley Keating I love hearing/reading the different takes. Yes, Faye Geiger, I was worried for little Sally and cringe when I hear Martin Short on PBS saying, 'Your mother won't mind if we do" as the Cat!
    October 15 at 2:25pm · Edited · Like

    Faye Geiger so transgressive in a creepy way!
    October 15 at 3:32pm · Like

    Eizabeth O'Carroll Dr. Seuss is a genius ... I don't understand genius but I like you...
    October 15 at 7:17pm · Unlike · 1

    Angela Rockow I'm with you on the illustrations and the rhyming of nonsense words. It can be exhausting!! However, did you know some of his made-up words became real words! I'll go back to my source and get back with you about which words in the English language are Seuss created.
    October 15 at 11:30pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Deirdre O'Malley Keating I remember hearing he first used the word "nerd" though I don't think it had any context or meaning, so not quite Shakespeare's invention of language. I did give Brian "Oh the Places You'll Go" when we graduated college, which seems like such a cliche today but that was the same year it was published (man, we're old!).
    October 16 at 8:16am · Like

    Kari Han Te illustrations are hanging in my sons room. I love love love them!!! In a box, AND with a fox!
    October 16 at 9:24am via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Angela Rockow I looked it up in the biography from the 3rd grade lit circle I led last year. It is NERD. I thought there was one other equally eloquent word he gave us:). But, no. Just NERD.
    October 16 at 12:56pm via mobile · Like

    Deirdre O'Malley Keating But nerd is a good one:) Love that we're living (& raising kids) in the age of nerd renaissance.

    Kinetic Typography - John Green - In Defense of Nerds
    just a little kinetic typography practice. original video here:
    October 16 at 1:45pm · Like · Remove Preview

    Eizabeth O'Carroll Wonderful
    October 16 at 9:28pm · Unlike · 1

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