Sunday, October 27, 2013

Right Now

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waking up early and trying to make some headway before the boys join me.

listening to “For the Good Times” by Ray Price via YouTube obsessively. One of my mom’s favorite songs that I probably hadn’t heard in 30 years until John Legend’s “Lay Your Head on My Shoulder” brought it to mind this week. Would love to hear Adele remake this cheesy yet wonderful song.

working on three galleries and freaking out about my schedule over the next few weeks.

struggling with saying no to great opportunities that come at the wrong time, with balancing the need to make money with the desire to freely give my time or talents.

needing to constantly remind myself that every yes means not having time for other priorities.

watching Homeland…in about ten more minutes. Also “The Way Way Back” this weekend which was delightful. Though it was slightly painful to watch Steve Carell play a jerk.

eating Goodness Knows Very Cranberry squares. While editing.

drinking more water and pretending I don’t know that pumpkin spiced chai is everywhere. Lamenting finishing our last box of PG Tips tea…

wanting more time. Always more time.

reading Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis---actually listening to on CD. Looking forward to our book club’s next pick, The Snow Child, as I’ve missed the last couple (see wanting).

thinking that September had a wonderful pace to it, with white space and some actual free time and wondering how/why I always seem to lose that.

loving fall weather and that our boys played outside all day today---basketball on our driveway this morning (I lost playing HORSE with the bigs), Sean playing soccer at a friend’s after lunch, Nolan on a hike with Duke and me to the Radio Tower, and then all three spent the evening playing in the yard with our neighbors’ grandkids. How I wish we had more kids on our block all the time!

planning on a birthday weekend with my sister in California and Thanksgiving in Chicago.

feeling grateful for all of Brian’s progress on our basement (so close to finished!), for health, for a surprise bouquet of sunflowers, for the luxury of angst about problems that are mostly of my own making, and for these three little men most of all.


This post is inspired by the ever-inspiring Elise and her Currently series, and my own post from long ago.



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