Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A boy, his beautiful mama, and Moonflower Canyon | Moab Utah Portrait Photographer

child photography moab utah

I love capturing repeat clients and seeing babies turn into toddlers, or in this case, a toddler turn into a little boy. Sweet Cael was only six months younger last time we met at the wetlands, but how his face has changed and how he has grown!

Those first three years are like an entire lifetime, and I encourage parents to capture as much as you can---in photos or words, because they change so fast.

natural light photography moab utah

This time we met at Moonflower Canyon. I couldn’t help recalling the wise words of one of my photography heroes, Audrey Woulard, who advises to photograph toddlers indoors, where you plant yourself and wait for them to approach rather than chasing them.

Lots of chasing ensued, indeed, but we wanted to capture Cael in all his Moab glory---picking up rocks, sliding down sand hills, and having a ball.

mother and son photography Moab utah

child portraiture moab utah

2013 09 27_1092013 09 27_103

child photographer Deirdre O. Keating

I think we captured Cael’s personality as well as just how busy a mama to a 16 month old is!

dreamy photo of toddler on path

I so look forward to seeing you grow even more, Cael, and seeing where your path leads you.

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