Thursday, December 5, 2013

Things I Learned in November

Aspen Grove at Warner Lake

Inspired by Emily Freeman’s series and a tradition in my besties’ annual letters, I’m sharing a few of the things I learned this month.

1. “Huh” means the same thing in every language.

Did you know this? Do you find it as amazing as I do? Because even “um” isn’t the same thing in several languages, and don’t even ask me about ‘blah’ (because I’m sure I’ve already told you that story).

2. I don’t shoot weddings, but I found this wedding photographer’s tumblr hilarious.

IMG_127 8x10

A shot I took at my friend Natalie’s wedding in September. Love her daughter’s spontaneous reaction to their kiss!

3. I get more requests from brides than I do from new moms, even though I’m clearly a newborn photographer. Moab doesn’t need more photographers, in my opinion, but more of them need to get online.

4. DFTBA means Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.

You probably already knew that, but I did not. It’s the tag line/trademark of Nerd Fighters, though John Green explains here in his charming way why it isn’t officially trademarked.

We used to say “May the force be with you” in the mornings as part of our goodbye ritual. Then it became, “Have fun stormin da castle!” For a while I switched to: “Be careful out there among the English.” Now we’re saying “Don’t forget to be awesome”---unless I’m yelling, “Hurry, you’re gonna miss the bus!” instead.

5. I’ve learned more about comic books in the last four weeks than I ever imagined, thanks to our new Comic Creators Club. My sons are my main teachers, but Scott McCloud’s Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels has also been the most enjoyable guide.2013 11 11_1113A blurry shot with my niece Jane who lent me her bedroom for the weekend.

6. One of the highlights of the month---and the year---was visiting my sister Erin in California and, with her, attending a retreat led by Karen Maezen Miller. I can’t quite articulate what I learned there, but a little more “undistracted awareness” would have helped me make my connection on the flight out there.

7. I accepted the fact that I’m not getting a smart phone and finally upgraded my Tracfone. Thanks to Katherine’s post, I can finally text a single line in less than 10 minutes. I’m no longer the last person in the U.S. with a flip phone. Gotta say though, that flip phone served me well for nine years.

8. Tracfone required me to give the phone a nickname. True story. Sean came up with Passepartout. I liked the literary reference, though I doubt my non-smart phone could live up to the name and thought it best I be able to pronounce the nickname. So we’re going with Zhean, as in Jean Passepartout.

9. I got obsessed with the idea of habits this month. Not a new obsession but newly intensified after my friend & guru Lori linked to the TEDx talk, Tiny Habits. I’ve been listening to The Power of Habit in the car. It might take me six months to finish since everything is a five-minute drive here. More about this topic at the end of the year.

10. I learned that even though this blog is partly for work, I’m much more motivated to write if I let myself write about what I want. I’ll still be sharing newborn sneak peeks, but changing a few things around here in the new year.

Just for fun…if you read all this way, and can name the three movies quoted in #4, email the titles to dokphoto AT hotmail DOT com and I’ll award you a prize. Deadline is December 9th!

Don’t forget to be awesome!

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