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letters to our sons | January 2014

I have great intentions, but without deadlines most of those don’t come to fruition. One of the reasons I created a blog was to capture this time when my sons are young. So I’m excited to join a group of friends, moms, and fellow photographers as we share about the boys in our lives on the third Friday of each month. We will be writing a letter to our sons each month. You can follow our blog circle to Leslie Norgren  of Loving What We Live Photography next, and continue all the way back here.

2013 05 06_For Mary Alice

Dear Aidan, Sean, and Nolan,

Thanks for making Christmas and New Year’s and every holiday and every ordinary day a gift. No one exhausts me, infuriates me, or delights me as much as you three. You’ve seen the worst of me, and the best of me. Your smiling faces, your crazy stories, your hilarious asides, your enthusiasm and affection are all the best part of my day.

Inspired by Ali Edwards’ post, here are 10 things about all three of you right now.

1. You are on the cusp of turning 12, 9, and 6, and already making big plans (and attempts at negotiations) based on your new number.

Aidan, you tell your Dad and me that 12 is when you should finally be allowed to watch “Jaws” and “The Terminator.” My response: Jaws, maybe…Terminator, not yet.

Sean, you tell me 9 is when your bedtime should finally be extended to 8 PM. My response: you’re right. We probably should have done that a while ago but it’s been nice having you so close to Nolie’s bedtime.

Nolan, you assure us that 6 is when you should be able to see “Star Wars: A New Hope” and be allowed to play Minecraft outside of creative-mode. We’ll prepare a Star Wars celebration this summer, but Minecraft is staying on creative-mode for a good, long while.

2. For breakfast you like a bowl filled to the brim with as many as three different types of cereal all at the same time (Aidan), toast with peanut butter (Nolan), and everything that anyone else is having (Sean). Sean, you’re the only thirsty one in the morning, and I appreciate that you actually finish your juice.

No matter how much you eat at breakfast, you all still take apples and granola bars “for that long walk to the bus” one block away!

3. Aidan has basketball three nights a week, Sean has one practice and one or two games a week. We love watching you both running back and forth across the court. Such great exercise, such great teams. However, I’m really looking forward to the season being over and not planning dinner around how little time we have to sit down together.

4. Nolan, hang in there. Spring soccer starts in less than three weeks. And your dad is coaching!

5. Today is parent-teacher conferences. We’re already planning a celebratory dinner at the Diner (before Sean’s game tonight). Aidan, you have straight A’s except for math. We’re sure you’d have an A in there too, if you just remembered to actually turn in the homework assignments after you’ve spent a good part of the evening on them. Yesterday you came home beaming with a medal around your neck, declaring yourself Spelling Bee Champ:

aidan spelling bee

You didn’t even tell us you had signed up in December, and were a bit too proud of the fact that you “didn’t even study.” I’m happy for you, dude. We know you’re a good speller, but you know I’d love to see you study and work hard for something and get a medal for that.

Sean, if your teacher ends this conference suggesting that you will someday rule the world, I’m gonna cut him off. We’ve learned from past experiences!

Nolan, your big news from school these days is who is sitting at your table now and then going on to describe the entire class’ seating arrangement. I love when you bring songs or stories from your classroom into our family.

6. All three of you refuse to eat the hot lunch at school and instead take a packed lunch every day. But Nolie has reported that he’d like to have the dessert he’s seen the “hotlunchkids” having, specifically that cinnamon roll. So we’re keeping our eyes on the menu calendar for its next appearance.

7. A couple weeks ago Sean found Aidan’s glasses in a drawer of LEGOs. Last week Nolan found them on a pile of snow three houses down (apparently lost while running with Duke). Yesterday your dad found them under our bed. We are all getting a little too much practice at finding your glasses, Aidan.

8. Even though the Comic Creators club is for grades 4-6, all three of you are participating and even Nolan is intent on submitting a final draft for the anthology. Love how you cheer each other on and share your creations with each other.

9. I took all three of you to the pool last Friday. I’m mentioning it in case you forget. The pool, in January, where it’s humid and loud and very far from my list of favorite places to be in January. You’re welcome.

boys in snowpants

10. I came home from the pool feeling sick, and finally had to admit I had the flu. You three were the best helpers a mom could ask for, even though I was breaking rule #1: Mom is not allowed to get sick. Aidan, you asked if you could make me a cup of tea, and it was easily the best cup I’ve ever had. Sean, you told me stories (the best cure for anything) and brought me Penny Guinny to hold. Nolan, every day you’d say, “How ‘bout we snuggle?” and since I’m pretty sure you already had this very bug, I was more than happy to snuggle up with you. Some days you said, “How ‘bout we snuggle and learn Spanish?” (i.e. play a Spanish app on the iPad). You’ve left every morning excited with your plan to say, “Adios, Amigo” to your pal Jose at the end of the day, and so far, you come home every day and slap your forehead saying, “I forgot again!”

That’s a small glimpse of what is happening around here right now. Things are always changing, but one thing remains constant: I’m so very glad I get to be your mom.

More than all the stars,



  1. I love this! This post will be one you look back on for years to come.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! I'm sure in 6 months most of the above will have changed---crazy.

  2. they really sound like awesome kids! you must be an awesome mom ;)


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