Thursday, April 24, 2014


I had a gratitude journal in college where I wrote down the highlight of each day. It’s been an inconsistent, imperfect habit ever since, and still serves me well. Especially when life seems particularly overwhelming.

Moab Utah photography

1. Oh so grateful for this sweet boy who is newly nine! He had some of his best buddies over for a Minecraft party to celebrate another orbit round the sun.

2. I’m also grateful to be officially done with birthday season around here for another year!

Image of 5x7 Chicago Is Letterpress Print

The above letterpress print is by Kelly Purkey and available at her shop.

3. Grateful to Brian, who will hold down the fort while I head to Chicago for a while. He’s an amazing dad, and that makes it much easier to leave everything in his hands.

4. Grateful for understanding clients. I finished up all the galleries that were waiting (if you haven’t heard from me yet, your photos are already in the mail!), but have needed to reschedule a few shoots. There will be a bit of a crunch to fit everyone in before the heat returns to Moab in June!

Family photography by Deirdre O Keating Moab utah

5. Grateful for returning clients. I’ve gotten out of the habit of sharing sneak peeks here. At the start of 2014, I resolved that I wanted to blog more for me rather than for work…I thought that would lead to more blogging in general but I’m lucky if I get three posts a month done. But I have to share a glimpse at this sweetheart---it was my third time capturing him, and I’m more in love with him each time.

2014 04 20_3104Easter in Moab Utah

6. For the past few years a good friend has invited us to Easter brunch and a big egg hunt and this year we got up early for the sunrise service so we could finally accept the invitation. Mass was beautiful, starting out in the dark and cool, and ending with the sun bright and warm. The egg hunt took place in the most beautiful garden I’ve seen in Moab. It was a glorious Easter spent with friends, and ending with just us around a ham & asparagus dinner, with each of us sharing our own list of gratitudes, as if it were Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to get back to this good life here.



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