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letters to our sons | may 2014

One of the reasons I created a blog was to capture this time when my sons are young. So I’m excited to join a group of friends, moms, and fellow photographers as we share about the boys in our lives on the third Friday of each month. You can follow our blog circle to Chantell Sim of Chasing Tydes Photography for the next letter to our sons, and continue all the way through the blog circle.

All of these photos were taken on our iPad, because that’s just how we roll these days…I love them not for the quality of light or composition, but for the bit of our story they capture.

web cheers on mothersday breakfast

Dear Aidan, Sean, and Nolan,

Thank you for the best Mother’s Day ever. Sean, you told me I already said that last year---but every year it feels like the best one yet.

I decided a long time ago I was going to LOVE Mother’s Day. It might shock you to hear this, but a lot of moms don’t. Some people don’t like celebrating just because a certain day on the calendar tells them to, which I can understand---but I’ll take any holiday the calendar turns up!

Some are reminded of babies they are missing terribly, and some of us are missing our own moms. I think of those mamas on this day too.

Some moms end up having to do all their normal work on this day---plus making the day special, so it feels like more work.

As awesome as you three boys are, I think we all know who really makes Mother’s Day a success in our house: DAD!

I think there are three keys to a great Mother’s Day and so I’m going to capture them here for you to read *someday* in the future.  Because, if you’re the dad, the ball really is in your court on Mother’s Day.

Key #1: Dad has to train his sons (and daughters) before he can expect them to carry Mother’s Day on their own.

As eager as all three of you are to please, everyone needs leadership. Or someone to just say, “Have you made your mom a card yet?”

webfrench toast

Knowing how much you boys like waffles and pancakes, it meant even more to me to have French Toast, my favorite, for breakfast. Which brings me to the second key to joy on Mother’s Day

Key #2: Moms have to say what they want---out loud. Possibly more than once.

When asked what I wanted on Mother’s Day, I used to say, “I just don’t want to make any decisions.” It was true but not really fair. Your dad found a brilliant workaround---ask me the day BEFORE Mother’s Day! So on Friday, he sent Aidan upstairs, and ever so nonchalantly, without even mentioning the next day, Aidan asked me what my favorite breakfast was, my favorite lunch, and my favorite dinner. Aidan, I hope you made a mental note of this in your head. Ask people what they would like---and ask them early enough. No one wants to be asked what she would like for Mother’s Day dinner…at 5PM on Mother’s Day.

Afterwards, taking my own advice, I told Brian I didn’t really want my favorite lunch since we’d be having a big breakfast. Smoothies and popcorn sounded much more doable, and I was even happy to make them. As much as you boys like the idea of serving me breakfast in bed, I’m honest and tell you that I really can’t stand eating in my bed. Not a big deal, but so much better than starting the day out of sorts.

the middle

Key #3: Remember that it’s not your birthday, it’s Mother’s Day. It’s celebrating a relationship.

My mom loved that episode of “The Middle” about Mother’s Day. Patricia Heaton’s character is having a horrible day, and envies her husband who is getting to spend the day alone. She doesn’t realize that her own mother wants the very same thing---a day alone.

I crave alone time too, insatiably it sometimes seems. But we all also crave good times together, and I love that we’ve happened upon a few Mother’s Day traditions that guarantee a good time for all.

web Mother's Day art by Sean

Sean, you created the above drawing when your teacher asked you to illustrate a tradition in our family. Due to all the rain this Saturday, we weren’t able to hike to Morning Glory Bridge…but we did get to visit Back of Beyond Bookstore together.


aok reading

I hope none of you forget our neighbor Carol, and how she always thought of you on your birthdays with a gift card to Back of Beyond. Your spring birthdays work out perfectly so that we are all able to browse and BUY on Mother’s Day. I love that you all love bookstores as much as I do!

photo 5e_edited-2

We played Uno, Movie Lines, Charades, and Apples to Apples. We snuggled up to watch “Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone” (in celebration of Nolan finishing the book the night before!) with our popcorn and smoothies. And Dad made a feast for us all---with my favorite dinner: steak salad with jicama & bell pepper. Oh so good!

webmy favorite salad

And I got another Mother’s Day wish come true---a photo with the three of you!

web mothers day

Thanks for yet another best Mother’s Day ever! I hope your future wives are as lucky as I am, and you train your sons to treat her to a great day too!

And to forgive her if she takes the Mother’s Day leeway a bit too far with her tween!

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

More than all the stars,



You can follow our blog circle to Chantell Sim of Chasing Tydes Photography for the next letter to our sons, and continue all the way through the blog circle.

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