Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer & Book Bingo


The last bell of the school year will be ringing here in just two more days.

Even though this is not a Facebook post, I’m sending you to Buzzfeed. Their comparison of Parents at the Beginning of the School Year vs. the End sums up how I’m feeling.

I can’t wait for summer, even if it does mean the end of time alone. Olaf and I have our own delusions about summer.

I don’t like the desert heat, I really dislike the unpredictable timing of solo-parenting during fire season, and I’ll miss time alone to get some work done.

Still, I love summer! My boys are home, and we can plan our days around Sean’s baseball games and trips to the library and swim lessons. We are keeping this summer purposefully simple. Here are the three things we’re trying:

1. I won’t be scheduling any more photography sessions this summer. Check back in September for a fun kick-off to a new season.

2. We detest book logs! Having to record something every time you read can turn one of our favorite activities into a chore. But the boys have always been intrigued by my Book BINGO (hat tip to my friend Lara Smith!) and have come up with their own version for the summer.

If you have an independent reader (maybe ages 8 to 14?), they are welcome to download our Book Bingo sheet here or sign up at the website Aidan and I have been working on: Summer Book Bingo

The site will likely go private on June 1st so kids have until then to sign up there.

3. Block-scheduling. We like structure (okay, I like structure), even if only to have a plan that we deviate from daily. We’re still working on putting together our summer bucket list and some parameters, like no screen time in the mornings.

In a few weeks I’ll update on how or whether we’ve found our groove. Meanwhile I’d love to hear your plans or outlines for summer with kids!

2013 06 11_1371 reading at the pool

Here’s to lots of books and popsicle sticks!

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  1. We love reading your blog. I think we will print out the blog (to reduce screen time) and use it for inspiration to capture (hand written) moments while Cael is young. Good summer project to start in the Midwest with Gma's scrapbooking expertise and to beat the summer heat (aside from water and music time, of course)! Simple is good!


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