Saturday, December 13, 2014

Favorite of 2014: Photos

I’ve been participating in Suzanne Conway’s December Reflections photo challenge. One prompt was Favorite Photo of 2014, which reminded me of this post from last year.

web 2014 DOK First Day of School

Confession: Above is the last photo I took on my DSLR…in August. It’s been a much needed break, courtesy of my iPhone and our big move.

I’m going to limit myself to 4 in each category below.

Four of my favorite client photos of 2014:

web 2014 06 28_Relph_0101_edited-1

2013 11 13_Heffron_010BW_1200

Cael laughing with his mama

2014 05 17_Heather_124_edited-1

That little hand on his mama’s neck just kills me.

Four of my favorite iPhone photos from 2014 (first two are iPad):



drumm4 golden


Four of my favorite “SLR” personal photos:

web2014 03 27_fiery_furnance_1431_edited-1

2014 04 20_3075_edited-1

web 2014 03 campfire

web brothers heading to school on the first day

Finally, four of my favorite photos that someone else took of us in 2014:

vanphoto of ma angie and doki

Photo by Paige Green

I love how it captures all that has changed and all that has remained the same from this photo taken 20 years earlier:

us at Coronado_edited-1

From that same weekend, our sweet friend James took this photo of our family on the way to Mary Alice’s wedding:

ourfamily in Inverness

And some kind strangers took this one for us:


Last night, our neighbor Mercedes took this photo of our littles on Santa’s lap. Sean is at that difficult age when you want to be little and want to be grown up all at the same time.


I’m grateful to have a decent camera on my phone, which is almost always with me. I’m even more grateful that I finally want to pick up my Canon 5D again. I haven’t decided whether DOK Photography will re-launch in the Golden area, but looking at 2013’s post, I realize I really miss those newborns.

Here’s to all that 2015 will bring!


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  2. Hmm...the mystery continues as I had no problem. I seem to already be logged into my Google account, so I just have to hit publish.

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  4. I love this post. Thanks for all the great photos! I LOVE the one of the kids on the beach!


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