Monday, June 1, 2015

What I Learned in May 2015

Forgive some obviousness and repetitiveness. I am always learning the same things over and over.

1. The only thing better than being a work-from-home parent is having a work-from-home spouse.

Brian took some vacation days to help the boys kick off summer. Do you know what a difference it makes to know your children are with their dad? To be able to go to work early---without making breakfast or packing lunches? To not wonder if you left wet clothes in the washer or whether you should have defrosted something for dinner.

It makes me realize that not only did I have it good all those years I worked from home---so did he!

2. Life is too short to save the good stuff. 

I finally opened the case holding the marble chess set Brian gave me many years ago. Our magnetic travel set can actually be a travel set now. And---shocker---beauty attracts! It's been played with almost daily since I set it up.

3.  Our senses are a gift, a link to the present moment. 

This is probably the most obvious one on the list, but has honestly been the biggest "a-ha" for me this spring. When life gets busy, I struggle with feeling like I'm on a conveyor belt and life is happening to me. This has less to do with busy-ness, and more to do with being too much in my own head. 

And the way out of that funk is almost always paying attention. And my own senses have been a key to that this spring. Our boys are growing fast, our calendar is full, but we can stop and listen, and smell and taste and touch and see! Who knew what magic we already possessed?

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