Friday, January 15, 2016

Blogity, Blog, Blog

I so don't have time to blog.

And yet, I'm planning to make time for it in 2016.

This tiny, long-neglected corner of the web that I claimed for myself in 2007 has served me well. I still find some tried-and-true recipes more quickly here than elsewhere. I love clicking on random "You might also like" links at the bottom and finding memories and images I had forgotten (just today this one about an April Fools Day that I'm sure we had all forgotten). It has evolved as our life has changed. It started as a form of memory keeping during our final pregnancy and Nolan's first year. Then it became a semi-private journaling place, and then a component of my photography business.

What form will it take now? 

I plan on posting at least once a month, and writing about books, recipes, home and figuring out what works for me. Writing has always been a way to make sense of things for me. I'd like to continue the letters to my sons but need to figure out how to do that while respecting their privacy. My oldest is now 13, and in recent years, I've made sure he read and approved any post I wrote about him before it went public. More and more, my sons' stories are their own and not necessarily mine to share. Photos of the boys, however, I feel no conflict about sharing---are you as delighted by those dirty toes in the above photo as I am?

Photo: iphone, Point Reyes, CA in August, 2014

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