Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Gratitudes for 11-11-11

2011 11 04_Sean's missing tooth

1. Gap-tooth smiles

2. A week of birthday celebrations and an entire day in which I prepared no meals for anyone. Ahhh.

3. Homemade waffles with fresh whipped cream and strawberries; lunch at our local Thai place; dinner of Alaskan salmon (thanks to Faye & Jon’s recent trip!) with asparagus & crash potatoes. I almost didn’t have room for the pumpkin pie with candles on top. Almost.

2011 11 03_pumpkin teapot

3. Halloween decorations packed up, except for those that bridge Halloween & Thanksgiving. I definitely prefer the Thanksgiving ones.

4. Brian giving me a GPS for my birthday, despite his overall low-opinion of them. And the fact that we live in a town with a total of four stop lights. But roadtrips, here we come!

2011 10 19_nolie and elle at breakfast

5. Nolan’s love ---and inclusion--- of his stuffed animal friends. He has Super Dog join him on most adventures, Elle joining him for breakfast above, and a half dozen joining him at bed time.

2011 11 04_aidan

6. This very goofy nine-year-old, who is in the midst of a very silly stage (am I fooling myself that it’s a stage?). He rocked at basketball practice last night, after weeks of shooting hoops with his dad on the driveway. And after all that running around the gym, he couldn’t stop talking on the drive home. I’m going to have to make sure I get to pick him up next time too!

7. Getting to read old favorites again. Nolan is on a big Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kick mixed in with equal amounts of Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

2011 10 16_0202

8. Inexplicably love this photo of our youngest—like he was just gonna help himself to something.

9. Brian and I have been exchanging daily gratitudes for the month of November, which I’ve loved. Even on days like today when his was the following:  the irony that I have a degree in English and still mispronounce common words. (Sadly true…and I see Aidan starting down the same road, repeating words he's learned from reading without having heard they are ingrained one way and hard to relearn correctly)

2011 11 11_lanternwalk

10. A lantern walk for Martinmas under a low, full moon.

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11. 2011 was the year of the Beatles in our house. This line from We Can Work It Out is my mantra for the upcoming holidays. Hopefully the three boys in the backseat during our 1,500-mile-road-trip next week will agree.

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