Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Gratitude #9

I’m back in town for a couple days before leaving for a long weekend, but want to give thanks before I go.

1. aidan's card to grandad

I’m so grateful my dad is doing well. Aidan made him the above card---it says “No wonder your heart’s tired…it’s been so busy loving people!”  My dad got a great kick out of it as well as the lucky shamrock Sean drew for him.

2. Grateful that Brian was able to take work off and that he is such an amazing dad---without him, I’d never have been able to go to Chicago and spend the week with my dad.

3. Grateful for the time I was able to spend with my sisters Karen, Eileen and Elizabeth as well as my brother Marty and his family. Elizabeth shared her sweet daughter Maria with me while I was missing my boys.

4. mom and karen photobooth

One of the things my mom asked me to do while she was sick was to help her organize and label her photographs. Whenever I visited, we’d go through half a shoebox before she’d grow tired and we’d put it aside. On this visit, I was able to go through thousands and start the process of having them scanned for all of us. I found so many treasures---and a scrapbook made by one of my dad’s sisters. Dad had recently had this above photo enlarged---of my mom and sister Karen in a photo booth. I’ve lamented here before about how few photos we had of my mom with her babies, and I’m a little photo booth obsessed, so this photo makes me all kinds of happy.

2012 10 20_0829 Campfire

5. The best part of any trip is coming home. Excuse the grainy/blurry photo---it’s from Saturday night. The boys slept in a tent in the backyard and roasted hot dogs over the fire pit. We made s’mores, my favorite dessert, and listened to great music. A “cup overflows” moment of gratitude under the stars.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moab Newborn: Introducing Harrison

Little Mr. Harrison was a dream to photograph, not only because he’s perfect himself, but because he has a beautiful family who were happy to let my camera capture a bit of their love for him.

2012 09 16_0398

Let me amend that. Almost all of them were happy to let my camera capture them---Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa…but big brother, well, he wasn’t that happy about the camera. However, the idea of photo-bombing the shot, by popping up from behind his dad, did make him happy. Capturing the entire family in one shot also made Mom and Dad happy, so we tried our best to not give away that big brother was doing exactly what we wanted.

Harrison, on the other hand, seemed to relish the camera’s attention. Here are a few of my favorites:

2012 09 16_0539

2012 09 16_0756e

bw2012 09 16_0692web

bw2012 09 16_0488weberibcobbBWweb

2012 09 16_0606

2012 09 16_0670

And in the end, even big brother was happy----especially when he had his mom all to himself.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Gratitude #8


Today I am grateful for CrashPlan (and for The Digi Show that first introduced me to their service)!

Yesterday our hard drive died. About a week ago, it didn’t turn on at first. That was the only sign of impending doom, and I wish I had been more proactive then. We have never had a hard drive or even an EHD fail (though my laptop had a virus just this summer). Brian had agreed to take the boys out for the morning so I could get three galleries finished. Instead I spent the entire day on the phone with Dell.

I photographed two newborns this week and had yet to back up those photos to my EHD. I know---foolish. I was feeling nauseous, even though I’ve been using CrashPlan for at least six months now. I’d never had to recover anything and wasn’t sure how it would work. Sometimes our family will click “sleep” while CrashPlan is uploading to make the internet faster and huge folders can take a while to upload---so my stomach was in a knot as I called their customer service.

I had already been on the computer and phone all day, running virus scans and hard drive tests. I was completely fried and couldn’t follow simple directions at this point. The Crash Plan customer service rep walked me through downloading their free software onto my lap top, logging into my account (I subscribe to the CrashPlan+ that isn’t free), finding the three huge files that weren’t on my local back up, and downloading them.

We’ve all dealt with bad customer service, right? And when you are already fried and stressed? Well, this was the opposite. Their rep was so patient with me, understood my anxiousness and assured me that he’d stay on the line until the whole process was done.

I have no affiliation or incentive program with Crash Plan, and I’m sure there are other great off-site back-up services out there.  I’m about to head out of town, lots of things due before I do, and a new hard-drive won’t be here in time. But thanks to weekly backing up to an external hard-drive, and immediate (that’s the key part) and automatic (that’s key too, because humans are…human!) backing up by Crash Plan, all is well.

Alleluia! Giving thanks today for technology, good recommendations, and especially for great customer service!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Moab Newborn: Mr. Max

Let me introduce you to sweet Mr. Max, but be prepared to have your heart swept away.

Seriously cute. One day old, and stealing hearts with those bright eyes of his!

I've always had a weakness for newborn yawns.

Max's dad had a grin a mile wide the entire time. If for no other reason, I'm so glad these photos captured a bit of that for Max. When he's 16 and driving his dad crazy, he can't look at these photos and not know how  anticipated, how celebrated, how loved he has been since day one.

I swear Max is waving up at him in this shot.

Every child should be welcomed into the world with love like this. You're a lucky little man, Max!

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