Saturday, December 24, 2011

Right now...

Listening to the boys' 2009 Christmas CD with knock-knock jokes and carols from my childhood. Also, when the kids are asleep, to Mindy Kaling's book while wrapping gifts. Fun.
Watching the boys play Zombies (Aidan just fed his baby Zombie, Nolan, a brain  in order to get him to go to sleep...). Also lots of movies in the background, yesterday it was "Elf" with the boys, and later that night, "Midnight in Paris."
Eating too much. Andes cookies, Sugar cookies we baked and decorated with friends yesterday, Crescent rolls, and soft peppermints. Oh a little Garrett's too.
Drinking more water to keep going. And the most nostalgic Brandy Alexander last night. Mmm.
Feeling happy, nostalgic (see above), and slightly panicked by my lack of panic.
Smelling the evergreen of our tree, whose needles are mostly gracing the living room floor at this point.
Wanting to get a good night sleep and for dinner to make itself for a change. Oh, and a piano & world  peace.
Needing that good night's sleep, and an extra few hours in the day. I really have all I need.
Thinking that I haven't blogged because there is so much I want to capture, from Halloween through Thanksgiving to today, and because a wide expanse of time to post about all of that will never present itself, I might never blog again---unless I just let it go and post something, anything, even if I don't have photos uploaded yet, even this little bit about right now.
Enjoying a momentary time-out from all the preparations, the mailbox full of cards instead of bills these days, brown paper packages tied up with red and white twine.

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