Friday, March 25, 2016

Best Songs of 2015

We listened to a lot of music this year, but most of it was the boys' picks.

Man, that makes me feel old.

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We are in transition with music.We have not yet found the perfect solution or service.

We were old school. Not vinyl, not that old school. But we bought songs and liked making our own mixed CDs which we would then play for two months or so on the CD player in the minivan. And in this way, every season had its own soundtrack. Songs we associated with that time in our life.

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But we sold the mini van and so, it seems time to let go of CDs at last.

We tried Apple Music for the free three month trial. Aidan loved it, but me not so much. Granted I never took the time to dive in and set it up so I'd like it, but I've been burned too often with iTunes and creating playlist that then disappear.

We've tried Pandora and Spotify and Brian has his own subscription to Sirus radio (actually two now, one for his truck and one for when he drives my car).

And honestly, if I'm alone, I'm going to pick a podcast or audiobook over music most of the time. And I find myself wanting to either hear reliable favorites or classical music. I've enjoyed driving home after work to movie soundtracks like "Cinema Paradiso" and "Out of Africa."

So yes, I am old.

Still, Aidan has gotten good at predicting songs I will enjoy. None of the boys want to hear Adele's "Hello" again, because I chose it almost every time it was my turn to request a song from Siri. That or John Legend's "All of Me."

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Some of the songs that graced our kitchen or car in 2015:

Flame and Flood by Vance Joy
Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
Demons by Imagine Dragons
(actually, that was a CD in heavy rotation prior to the car swap---so all of Imagine Dragons)
Footsteps by Pop Evin
Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Simple Song by the Shins
Renegades by X Ambassadors
Burn It Down by Linkin Park
Castle of Glass by Linkin Park
Art Demons by Glitch Mob
Concerning Hobbits (from the soundtrack)
Acarina of Time (that was Sean's pick 99% of the time)

Image result for Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho
When we lived in Moab, and the boys had their own Saturday radio show, we kept a playlist on Google Music. I loved that I could access it anywhere. 

I'm not sharing this rambling post on Facebook or anywhere else, but if you have found a music solution, let us know. Our music is all over the place now, some bought on iTunes, some from Amazon, some from Google, and then playlists on Soundcloud. We need to find a home for our music in 2016.


  1. You know what I hate? Feeling like a Luddite because Apple killed off the big old iPod. We handle our 2008 160GB one very carefully, for fear that it will break one of these days. I don't want to (nor does our data plan allow us to) stream music from anywhere we are off WiFi. I just want to listen to FULL ALBUMS that WE STILL BUY on our iPod. Hmph. (We have not tried any subscriptions, we just buy full albums of stuff we already know we'll love or occasionally new experiments just like we always have)

  2. After the "main attraction" you can now build the rest of your song...some songs these days don't differ too much between sections meaning that building the rest of the song will be easy whilst some songs have a lot of different sections to keep you interested. music


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