Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Five Things I Learned in May

Inspired by Emily Freeman’s series and a tradition in my besties’ annual letters, I’m sharing a few of the things I learned this month.

1. Ten is probably the ideal age to meet Anne Shirley, but 46 works too.

A terrible wrong has at last been made right; I have finally read Anne of Green Gables.
Confession: I was afraid it might feel like a chore. Slow and old-fashioned. Instead I was surprised at how funny it was, how delightful, and how resonant. I would have loved them even more at 10, but am looking forward to making my way through the series in my 40s.

2. My middlest has created his own font.

He only uses it for his signature, and each character not only represents a sound but an element of Sean's personality: his love of PacMan, Legend of Zelda, LoTR and koalas.

3. My youngest is a dapper man.

Nolan made his first communion in May. Brian's mom and my sister Maria joined us, which made it all the more special, especially with Nolie's best buddy/cousin Henry joining in the fun. Nolie asked if he could wear a tuxedo, a word I'm not 100% sure how he knows, but we did the best we could (after I realized ...the day before...that I no longer had the suit his big brothers had worn). He loved the outfit so much he asked if he could wear it to school the next day.

4. The red-coated girl who can't lower her arms is a favorite of book cover designers.

I was debating between these two titles when my son pointed out they had the same girl on their covers. I hadn't even noticed. We started making up stories about this girl in a red coat who isn't raising her arms in jubilation but because she can't lower them. We'll be on the look out for her on more covers!

5. When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace.

I follow therealflyingyogini on Instagram, and this bit of random wisdom she posted hit me as a I scrolled. Much of what I really learned this spring is that no one can steal your peace. I'm learning the same old lessons, but I do feel this spring has taken them to a new level of understanding. I'm hopeful that new ways of thinking will lead to new patterns and new results, in a variety of areas. And that I'll remember to focus on my breath when I start chasing approval and accomplishments.


  1. Your little man is dapper. I recently bought a copy of Anne of Green Gables as well but still can't get myself around to reading it

    1. I'm so excited for you! I received mine for Christmas, and didn't dive in until May---you'll find the right time to escape to Green Gables!

  2. i love #5. so perfect for where i am right now. thank you!

  3. You found Anne!! Oh how I love her. One of my dreams is to make it to Prince Edward Island one day!


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